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The Australian Meat Company SUSTAINABLE SEAFOOD

We at The Australian Meat Company also love our product from the Ocean. We are passionate about not only the quality of our food but the environment where it comes from and ultimately the sustainability of those systems that support our product. Particularly when it comes to the amazing seafood from Australia and Australian run production operations. After all Australians love their coastline and equally love their seafood!

As such we have a strong belief in only promoting product that comes from a sustainable certified production system. That way we can guarantee our clients are not only getting a premium, high quality and tasty product but also that that product supply will be unchanged for future generations to enjoy what we enjoy...




The Australian Meat Company Seafood PETUNA AQUACULTURE

Petuna Aquaculture

...Petuna is a family company with a proud history that spans 70 years. All our is seafood is sustainably and ethically sourced, grown and processed.
• Sustainably sourced seafood
 Responsibly maintaining the welfare of our fish
 Carefully reared and hand-graded


The Australian Meat Company Seafood collection



The Australian Meat Company Seafood Australis Barramundi

Australis Barramundi

...Australis is innovating a brighter food future through Climate-Smart Ocean Farming. We are an ambitious bunch of engineers, scientists, farmers, and foodies who are passionate about building a better planet.
• High in Omega 3s
 Antibiotic free
 Murcury free

The Australian Meat Company Seafood Australis BarramundiThe Australian meat company - Australis Barramundi   

The Australian Meat Company Seafood collection



The Australian meat company - Seasonal & Other Selected Seafood

Seasonal & Other Selected Seafood

...The Australian meat company also has a range of other fresh and frozen sustainable seafood produce throughout the year. Watch this space for some great products like Octopus Hand, Live Mussels and Oysters and more…


The Australian Meat Company Seafood collection

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