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Mulwarra is a reliable supplier of quality Australian meat and meat products, seafood, game meat, specialty cheese, charcuterie and other specialty food items. Since 1997 we have been supplying five star hotels, restaurants, retailers and airline caterers, and we now supply to more than 35 countries.

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Mulwarra supplies Premium Veal year round from dedicated producers who breed and grow veal for meat production purposes only. All our veal is selected from dedicated producers who grow healthy calves under strict animal welfare guidelines and excellent nutritional conditions.

The result is an exceptionally tender meat texture with bright pink colour and a light white fat cover.




Mulwarra is able to supply a range of products produced in accordance with Halal standards and provide Halal certificates issued by government approved Islamic organisations. All Australian Halal products are processed under the Australian Government Supervised Halal program, according to strict Islamic law.

The Australian Meat Company Mulwarra VealThe Australian Meat Company Mulwarra Veal

 We are proud to deliver world-class
and award-winning Australian veal.


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