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Acres Organic is committed to producing the fresh, flavoursome, free range, grass fed beef, without additives – that our customers have come to trust. This is a commitment we deliver 12 months of every year, whilst also meeting the strict organic standards governing bodies demand and our valued customers expect.




Each of our producers have been certified organic, and wholeheartedly committed to raising cattle naturally. This not only means that no pesticides or chemicals are used directly on the cattle, but that native wildlife, waterways and the land are protected as well. We believe that raising Acres Organic cattle this way not only means they live a healthier, natural life, but also gives you more confidence in the quality you are putting in your body.



Our family of producers are based in the heart of the rapidly growing organic beef catchment region of Australia, through central Queensland, southern Northern Territory and northern South Australia. Our cattle are largely soft tropical breeds such as Brangus, Droughtmaster and Brahman; suited for the tough, hot conditions in rural Australia.  



Our family of Acres Organic producers are wholeheartedly committed to raising cattle naturally, and proud of producing quality organic beef for consumers all over the world.



Acres Organic customers can be assured that our cattle and land are treated with kindness and respect, producing beef that is natural, guaranteed grass fed and free range, free from antibiotics and GMO’s, without added hormones.

The Australian Meat Company AcresThe Australian Meat Company Acres

 We are proud of what we do at Tarcoola -
producing quality clean green beef.




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